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Saturday, May 23, 2009


Today I had LADAP on ICT... quite interesting.. I’ve been grouped together with science teachers...my partner is the senior science teacher, Mdm Voo. She is a happy and gorgeous Chinese young lady...such a kind person, willing to share so many experiences with me. She told me a person who inspired her.. a cheerful English man who had newly published a novel at age 88 years old! She showed me the photo of that person..

Another senior teacher who sat behind us ask my age…as I told my age, she suddenly said to Mdm Voo: “Eh Mdm Voo, you just looking like a mother talking to her daughter!” …. “Hahaha!!” I laughed… I saw Madam Voo’s face changed!! “Woa, don’t say like that ar…I’m still young. I just like her sister…hehe.. You know, if I go to pasar malam ar, I will never buy thing at those who called me untie! Asoo is quite okay because Asoo is not too old” she explained without asking which made us laughing…so funny to treat with senior teachers!

Actually, Mdm Voo is nearly 55 this year, and she will retire at the end of this year. Well, I always claimed the elder teachers at my school as young. I just want to make them smile and cheer =)

Mmm…, back to the course that I attended today, the most interesting part was after the course. We have lunch at Casuarina Hotel... Those teachers who got APC (Anugerah Perkhidmatan Cemerlang) and promotion to DG44, treated us for the meal..nyum..nyum.
We ate a lot because we have to finish our 6 hours of LADAP ..(actually, we went to the hotel at 12.00pm…we spend about 2 hours just for eating!! ). I think I don’t need dinner for tonight…! =)

* Madam Voo give me a beautiful pen (actually, that type of pen always been used by my dear father!)…I also do the same thing…if we tend to give a present for somebody, we should give the things that we love so much.. because there is the value there! Thank you Madam Voo.

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