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Thursday, May 21, 2009


Hari ini peperiksaan bermula, tapi P&P mesti dijalankan juga walaupun ada masa 15 minit sebelum peperiksaan bermula. Jenuh saya memikirkan,apa yang saya nak ajar dalam tempoh sesingkat itu..dengan pelajar-pelajar yang kehilangan mood untuk belajar (sebab masing-masing nak buat ulangkaji sendiri)..akhirnya, saya tau apa yang patut saya tulis dalam buku rekod saya ... revision based on past year PMR questions. macam tak betul je nahu tu!

what is the difference between inference, and hypothesis?? what does this question means: "plot a graph.....", what is window sentence? , and what can you get from the window sentence??

Friends, here I would like to share some tips with you about these questions.. (actually i attended a course on how to answer science PMR Paper 2 several weeks ago which been handled by PMR examiner).

This brief tips are just for PMR level...and not equivalent for SPM level. (actually, there are slight different between PMR and SPM level. SPM level is much more detail and better answer. Em, if that case, why don't we just teach the same way like SPM, right?...Well,not all students will further their upper secondary in science stream and not all students can understand well. We are going to help them score in exam for their credit..especially in rural area where they are lack with facilities.)

Inference: should contain either 'influences' / 'affects' / 'depends'.

If MV written first before RV, use the word 'influences' or 'affects'

Example: The density of mediums (MV) affects the weight of object x (RV)

(this example taken from past year Q 2004-no.8)

Hypothesis : is the combination of MV and RV.

Example : As the density of mediums increase (MV), the weight of object x decrease.(RV)

Now, for PMR level, if the question ask students to write the inference, they have to write inference. But, if they write hypothesis for inference, they still can get the mark.

BUT!! if the question ask them to write hypothesis, make sure they write hypothesis! if they write inference for hypothesis, they will get '0' for the mark!

Ada soalan nakal yang disoal, "habis tu, kita ngajar cara buat hypothesis saje lah!"

hahaha...funny! Maybe we can do like that for the last class / slow learner students.

OK lah, i wanna go to school now..i still have several tips to give..I'll continue typing later K! insyaAllah

Salam ceria ! =)

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